I’m Julie, a Film and Screen Media student from UCC. This website is for my second year screen media project. Up until this point, I have little experience with creating websites or overall web design. However I have some experience in using sites such as these before. During the summer, I started writing for an online-based entertainment magazine which uses wordpress.com. The site is called TheArcade, and has been running since 2012. The site gives news on film, tv, games and comic books, but also includes other long-form articles that are primarily based on the opinions and interests of the staff’s writers. It has definitely been a beneficial experience and I think it will help in this online media project for my course.

Icon was created for my Screen Media course. It is a blog that gives a commentary and analysis of an array of topics relating to issues of social media, citizen journalism, participatory culture and the role of both the amateur and the professional online. In my blogs, I refer to theorists such as Henry Jenkins and include case studies on the professional content creator; John Oliver, and the amateur; Pistol Shrimps.